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Christmasworkshop 2018:

The Giulia School is offering a very special workshop this winter: intensive training and the rehearsal of various choreographies for the 2019 season.

Our professional dancer Emily Schofield will offer a 60 minute Isadora Duncan course as a guest lecturer.


A Christmas workshop takes place during the Christmas holidays. This goes from 3.1. until 5.1.2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and includes the following program:

20 Min Ballet Workout: Elements from Yoga, Pilates & Floor Barre

90 min Vaganova training
20 min point class
30 min repertoire (solo variation from the ballet Nutcracker)
30 min Modern (learning a choreography excerpt from the dance piece "Nutcracker Next Level" (Giulia Dancecompany)
60 min introduction to the Duncan technique with exercises from Isadora Duncan's dance method and two original choreographies to the music of Franz Schubert and Frédéric Chopin (this lesson is given by our guest lecturer Emily Schofield).

The workshop costs € 155.


  • Haar, Munich (more information by email)
Eiszapfen und Schneeflocke
weißer Schneeflocke
weißer Schneeflocke


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